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Welcome to Diamond Deposit where we give charity to kids in need who love sports! We help funding for team fees and sporting gear! Please help us with a small donation! Any dontation helps!


How does this work?

Option 1 )

Navigate to Deposit tab on the top of this page.

Enter amount you want to donate into your account

Under message please leave your diamondsb account username and password

if you are a new customer please leave your name, email or phone number in the message. That way I can contact you with account login information

Option 2 )

navigate your way to the shop tab, located on the top of this page. Pick which tier you want to donate into your account. After making the donation and payment. You message me your username and password and I will load you up.

If you are a brand new customer, message me that you are new and I will create a brand new account for you. In the message please leave your name email or phone number. Which ever way easier for me to contact you with new account information.

After payment you will notice an image being downloaded. Don't worry, its the only way for me to set up this page. I am only able to sell you physical or digital product. Obviously I will not be sending you anything physical.

After everything is completed. Make your way to

Enter your account info and hit that fire!

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